The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


I popped into town for some groceries today armed only with my point and shoot, as I intended to be out taking pictures later on (didn't happen), but my friend D. asked me to take a picture of a cut rose that she had displayed on her kitchen table.

She had recently returned from a trip abroad and missed the rose bush in her riverside garden at its best, and this flower is just beginning to go over - but I think that adds a little to its photographic appeal. I'm afraid the picture, taken in available light, is a little "noisy" in the background.

I don't think this bloom, photographed at the same table last July, came from the same bush.

Day #430
Blip #428
Consecutive Blip #425

One Year Ago: Smokey (sharpening his claws on the furniture)

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