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Details 1 - You pooed on me, now please leave!

Hahahahaha! I couldn't resist the temptation of taking this photo!

This is the first of a series I will call "Details". You can interpret it the way you want and you can join in if you wish.

I just like the way the seagull is looking at the direction the statue is pointing at. It was not planned, as you can imagine. I would call it a lucky shot!

I was in an unusually good mood today in spite of it being a rather busy Monday. Apparently, it was a bank holiday. As for the reason for it, not a clue.

The weather improved and it was rather nice when I left work. Relaxing now back at home. Not planning to do anything exciting this evening.

Thanks very much for all your comments on my sign. I hope you all had a good start of the week! :)

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