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Reservoirs Under a Shadow

This is the corner stone of the Baildon Moor reservoirs, which one discredited rumour suggested was the remains of the medieval cross that used to stand nearby. I'm keeping a close eye on the reservoirs at the moment, as someone has a rather grand scheme for 'reviving' them, which seems to involve bringing a whole set of random activities into the moorland environment.

Baildon Moor is a gritstone moorland within the Rombald's Ridge Landscape Character Area of Bradford District. Although it is quite intensively used for recreation, the policy planning documents see this as strong landscape that should be conserved, but that it is "very sensitive to development" and note that any form of development "should be severely restricted." Hopefully the planning committees will pay attention to that advice when they consider any applications for development of the site. According to the local press a planning application has been submitted, but the local planning office stated that they knew nothing about it when we asked today.

The reservoirs are in a very prominent site, and any busy activity there, and related parking, would have quite an adverse impact on the special quality of the place. I'll try to keep you up to date as the story develops.

moorland reservoir ~ future under a shadow ~ special landscape

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