Nastia's Slow Little Days

By Anastasia

April Shower

I'm pretty sure that April showers mostly occur in other months, actually, but this one was true to its name.

I love meeting people through photography, just talking to strangers about my camera or why I'm taking photos and what blipping is (in spirit, not in name, usually). I can't wait until I finally order my Blipcards!

Anyway, this woman approached me in the somewhat short time I was out on what passes for a stoop here (I may have spent maybe ten to fifteen minutes out there, but eventually I went back in because of the cold). I even asked if she'd like a picture (and I'm really shy about asking strangers if I can take their portraits!), but she pretty much declined. She was the sort I wondered if I should have badgered her about it a bit more! Then she talked about her days of school photography - couldn't tell whether she meant a photography class or simply picture day at school. I'm pretty sure I'll get better about photographing strangers eventually. Actually, at some point, she made indications that either she would like a photo or that she was simply going to get her camera before she set off on whatever trip she was headed out on. Because I thought she might come back for a portrait, I stayed out longer and chilled considerably until I gave up. I figured my first true portrait of a stranger would (or should) come with a bit less resistance from the universe.

Though I had other nicely soaked shots, I believe I ultimately chose this somewhat blurry one to blip because it's one of the shots I got of that bush outside the apartment building when it was in this half-still-yellow, half-new-growth stage. I missed most of its budding stage and eagerly await that part of next year.

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