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Take yer shirt off

Whilst I was a work today there was much excitment in the house today as a new slide ordered by Wife for the little ones arrived. The much excitment turned to much disappointment when the realised that the legs for the slide were missing so it could not be set up.

However Wife was not to be beaten and so set up the slide using the sofa as the base. So the excitment level increased again. After dinner and a few more sofa based slides Baby insisted on having his shirt taken off so that he could show off his family belly and look like a hooligan.

He then enjoyed a new game of giving me his shirt to throw accross the room so that he could fetch it and bring it to me to throw again much like a daft dog in a park with a stick.

Thankfully Baby's behaviour was less hooligan than his look, and tonight he excelled himself by abstaining from dumping in the bath as per the last three nights. His hair is getting long too.

Back blipped for yesterday!

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