One man and his Doberhuahua

And a blipper. Just shootin' the breeze. Perfect day for it, it would be a crime not too I suppose. And considering that this might be the first and last day of summer we better make the most of it.

The poor wee dug there came bounding around the corner with it's tongue flapping closely followed by our retired farmer on his pimped up electric tractor. Considering, according to her owner, she's a cross breed between and Doberman and a Chihuahua (small heid, huge barrel like body) then I'm not surprised her tongue flaps about in the breeze as much. Yours would too, and the mind fair boggles how that particular conception took place.

Planned a barbecue (sausage and meat brought in Wednesday to beat the mad rush that was predicted for today), but ended up scooping a bootle of red and some beers in the sunshine and yet another takeaway was ordered. Hey-ho.

Still sitting out in the garden just now, still shootin' the breeze. Beer bottle's empty though... time for a top-up.

If Carlsberg made Fridays...

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