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It's been a blur

Not long back from a preview of the end of year exhibition put on by our talented art and design students.

An excellent night, though being indoors with lots of people on probably the balmiest evening of the year so far did have it's downside. It was a good thing that the students had lots of publicity postcards printed off as I spotted lots of people using them as fans to try and keep themselves cool.

The night started with a fashion show and it was quite funny to see the blip paparazzi out in force at the end of the catwalk during this. Not only were there 3 of us shooting photos, one other was on filming duty and one had even made an outfit that was being modelled in the show. One colleague asked what the collective term for such a gathering of blippers was. His droll suggestion was that it might be a 'sadness of blippers' but I'd put that down to mere jealousy (he's really a closet blipper, I'm sure he'll be out soon) but I'm thinking we should have some sort of collective noun to cover such a gathering. Anyone...?

As I didn't manage to get all (any of) the gorgeously attractive models to sign release forms I'm unable to post any pictures of those, so you'll just have to do with our gorgeously attractive LDW helping pack away after the show. Always smiling, even after such a manic week, and very impressively demonstrating how to hold that smile whilst at the same time saying "Brian, f*ck off with that camera, these are heavy"

I'll need to go back to have a good look around the exhibition another time as it was just all too frantic tonight. Looks like there was lots of interesting stuff on show, so if anyone's around and interested the exhibition's on tomorrow then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

NB: Thursday Night Quiz Night will be back next week. Apologies to those waiting on that tonight ;-)

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