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New Dawn #5

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The fifth of twenty monthly shots documenting the construction of the new Forth Valley College campus in Alloa, being built on the hill smack bang in the middle of the shot.

Is it just me or are these weeks flying by? I took the last shot in this series the day before the UK Elections and that seems like no time at all...

Some activity on the site now - I could hear the sounds of the JCBs from this spot puffing and panting away and scraping the crust off the hillside today and a big fence has been erected to keep the bottom-end riff-raff from getting in and pinching shovels/wheel barrows/JCBs/bricks for their home-made barbecues. (Only kidding, some of my best friends are bottom-end riff-raff. They'd never stoop to that level of thievery) ;-)

Talking of riff-raff college, the private view of our Creative Industries students' show is tomorrow evening so more than likely will be the source of tomorrow's blip (free drink + students = dangerous blippage). Long day ahead on that front...

Petrol Price update (Check BIG version): 113.9 per litre - 5p DOWN from last month, but still 4 pence dearer than the first shot at the beginning of February. Woohoo!

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