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Roll With It

Our whole department's on a final big wind-up (as opposed to a wind-down) this week before the student's end-of-year exhibition. It's an all-hands-to-the-pumps affair with staff and students gutting the studios to set up an all-singing, all-dancing display of their talents.

Whereas some other departments start to tentatively think about summer holidays and waving goodriddancebye to their groups ours get all anxious, panicky and excited and start running around like blue-ersed fleas, erecting boards, painting boards, building displays and generally winding up themselves, each other, the staff and sometimes even members of the cleaning staff to near spontaneous combustion point.

It's all just too emulsional for some.

Young Chris here (newly inducted into blipfoto) is a good case in point. This is probably the most active I've seen him all year (you know I'm joking Chris!). He's actually a very good painter - two coats, ten minutes, no mess. Boom, Boom. He and his fellow classmates (including yet another blipper) made a grand job of getting their spaces ready today. The place is starting to come together and I'm sure will look mighty impressive on preview night on Thursday.

If we all make it that far.

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