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HDR Shot (Highly Defined Rays).

Plumped for the easy option this evening. The walk along the River threw up too many of these views to pass up, and as I couldn't remember having seen rays so clearly spread around the whole of the sun like this, it just had to be done.

2.43 miles round trip with the whole Delph Wynd Daily posse in tow. Two willingly, one very much less so. What is it exactly a belligerent 16 year old actually hears when you suggest a nice family stroll of an evening? Ours seemingly translated this as "You're punishing me to the point of me emailing Amnesty International about this torture and by making me come out with you when there's a distinct possibility that one of the knife wielding and white lightning drinking yobs that populate these places will see me out and my reputation will be mud so you'll have to just wait until I've got changed and put my make up on and get my phone and my ipod."

The nearest we got to any yobs was a gang of young bulls that freaked aforementioned 16 year old by engaging her in a staring competition. The same bulls also confused Euan too as, when one bull began an act that beasts of the field are born to do with each other, he wondered why there was a very tall bull standing amongst the herd. Time for another wee talk I think.

Hopefully this fine weather will continue over the weekend and that some of these rays shine upon you wherever you are too. Have a good one.

EDIT: Look familiar?

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