By ArcLight

Skopje train station

Well, it was the train station before the 1963 earthquake which devastated the city.

The eagle eyed amongst you will see that the clock on the building says 6.20 and the clock below says 5.40. The latter is the time of day this photo was taken and the one on the building marks the time of day when the earthquake happened which stopped the clock. It has been kept as a memorial.

As it's a rather sombre thing, I went black and White, but I'm not especially pleased with the result. Today had poor light for photography.

Back to Skopje today in a coach journey which was stately to say the less. Definitely not a loony coach driver. Skopje is full of Irish people - well men mainly - here for tonight's football match and things seem to be winding up nicely towards a 2130 CET kick off which is still nearly two hours from now (lots of car horns, etc). As I am on a 0605 flight to Belgrade, I don't expect to get much sleep. A lovely lunch with friends in the main square followed by a little light shopping. Now time to blip, shower, read and try to relax in one of the nicest hotel rooms I've been in for a while (although not the quietest...).

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