Dundas Aqueduct

I had three separate shooting sessions on Friday. The first was in Holt, where I paused at The Courts (National Trust) for an hour's exploration in the gardens there. I was on my way to see the Dundas Aqueduct near Limpley Stoke following my preliminary recce on 23rd May.

I decided to pull up at the bridge over the canal at Winsley Hill, and ended up walking all the way to the southern approach of the aqueduct. I didn't expect to be able to walk over the aqueduct because of my vertigo, but there were additional hurdles in the form of people with dogs and toddlers immediately by the bridge, triggering my phonophobia, and obliging me to walk closer to the edge of the towpath than my poor sense of balance preferred. I did walk past without triggering any barking or crying, but confirming that I couldn't look over the parapet I then had to stagger back again, taking more pictures before returning to the car.

I next parked at the Visitor Centre and approached the aqueduct from the other side, the Dundas Wharf, which also marks the start of the Somerset Coal Canal, a small section of which has been restored to allow moorings. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be any public means of getting down to the River Avon to get a view of the aqueduct itself, so I cannot yet tick the project off as completed. The best I could do was this peep through the hedgerow on the pathway below the towpath leading to the car park.

I was out that evening and as tends to happen after a lengthier shoot, wasn't able to get the pictures processed and shortlisted for blipping on the day. I have now finished work on all the images and I link to the complete set below, as well as including some favourite alternatives.

This dog was on a boat called Sobek moored just opposite where the toddler and dog walkers were gathered.


Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #435
Blip #433
Consecutive Blip #430

Poppy At The Courts NT
Porthole #1
Kennet And Avon Near Dundas

A Day In Holt & Limpley Stoke, 3rd June 2011 (Flickr set of 84 pictures)

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