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159/365 - Bye Bye Alvin Ailey & Ballet Russes

E-5 - Pop Art Filter. Not edited.

Dance is over! I'm hugely relieved after that exam, but also a little sad for no more revision sessions sitting in PA2 going over dance work, no more practical classes, no more dance at Farnborough. :( I've never worked so hard for a subject in all my life and I just hope it paid off today. Dance theory thankfully is actually really interesting and I enjoy it so it was a really interesting study the past 2 years.

Today's exam questions were a little confusing but I hope I interpreted them correctly.

It took me a long time to write these two revision guides and cards but I shall not be needing them in the future... I hope!

I'm now treating myself by allowing myself to catch up on a lot of editing work from shoots from the past month. I doubt I'll get them all done today, I usually spend 10-12 hours editing one shoot, more if its a wedding/prom. However today can be used to make a start on them and I'm looking forward to it. :)


Until the next exam and results day eek!

Well done everyone who sat the A2 Dance exam today, what questions did you choose? 'Factor' and 'Source' .. quite off putting. ;P We got through it woo!

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