Ever bright and fair

By vincedesjardins

Give Me Some Pixie Dust, Please

I'm getting ready to hop on a plane for a short trip to Fort Collins where I will be helping an elderly Aunt go through some things in her home. I hate flying, partially because of the airport hassle but mostly because of the nerve-wracking take-offs and landings and the fear that something could go wrong and the plane will plummet to earth.

So, with that in mind, I thought I'd shoot this pic of a pouting Tinkerbell, a little statue that we picked up in Disneyland a few years ago. Tinkerbell as you recall, was the source of the Pixie dust that allowed the Darling children to fly. Now if I only had some of that, I wouldn't be so worried about staying up in the air. By the way, behind Tinkerbell is an old mannequin head that Mark found somewhere many years ago. There is also a separate plaster hand, that I use to help model some of my wares when photographing them for my Etsy store.

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