After an amble around the gardens at Avebury Manor NT I settled on the picnic tables thoughtfully provided on the area behind the church and beside the Great Barn and museum and cafe buildings, overlooking the northern quadrants of the stone circle, where I was able to do some important time-wasting reading.

There are always rooks and jackdaws, enjoying the rich pickings from the picnic tables, and here is one of the jackdaws on the 16th century pigeon house to my right.

Technical note aside: I have been really delighted with the Sigma telephoto zoom. It is so sharp and zingy, I think I prefer it to the far dearer Pentax 55-300mm I had to replace. I do miss very much the focal lengths 55-70mm (which I don't have on any other lens apart from the 50-200mm Pentax), especially when I'm using the 12-24mm on the second K-x, but I love the macro facility it has, which the 55-300mm lacks.


Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #438
Blip #436
Consecutive Blip #433

Smoketree In Avebury Manor Gardens
Avebury Manor Gardens (Pentax 12-24mm)
Avebury Manor Doorway (Pentax 12-24mm)
Avebury Manor (Pentax 12-24mm)

A Visit To Avebury, 6 June 2011 (Flickr album of 20 images)

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