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frangipani (plumeria)

I learned tonight that what my mom calls frangipani, is also called Plumeria, and is related to Oleander. I did not know this before! Wikipedia also says this plant can be easily propagated and I know this is true. My mom grew this one from a cutting of another one.

This plant fascinates me with it's soft yellow petals perfectly pinwheel shaped. Before we stopped over at my parent's tonight I was truthfully wondering what I might find to photograph that would entice me for today's blip. This flower! I did play with it in Photoshop elements and have added a layer with a crosshatching filter. Can you tell? I truthfully do not know a lot about PS, but that does not stop me from fooling around and trying things out. I should take more PS lessons but I am pretty busy with a very large art swap (little books, 55-60 participants). It is due to me next week so I am in the thick of photographing the entries and uploading them to the swaps blog. At the end of next week I need to exchange all the pieces and send them home to the participants. The work is worth it, and I am paid through their registrations!
I also just finished another art journal spread that will soon be is now up on my art blog. It evolved into being a celebration of my husband and I being married for 6 years this Saturday. Yes, I said six! While we met when we were 15 and 16 years old in 1972, we did not get married until 2005. You can read a little more about it here. Thank you for visiting, you are the best! lenna

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