Coccoloba uvifera

Coccoloba uvifera - or Sea grapes.

The leaves are sometimes soft and green, sometimes bright and shiny as new growth emerges, and other times the leaves turn colors and drop. I have read that as the fruit ripens and turns purple you can pick it and make jam. It is even okay to pick sea grapes at DeSoto memorial where I see it when I walk. I have just never seen any of the fruit ripe! Maybe the birds feast on the berries?

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Steven and I are taking a little trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary on Monday, so I will be scarce again, for a few days . . . We are driving to the east coast of Florida (about 3.5 hours) tomorrow. The next day, on our anniversary, we are going to wake up early and watch the sunrise over the ocean on the east coast of Florida, then drive back home and watch the sunset over the ocean on the west coast of Florida. Pretty darn clever and romantic of Steven to think of doing this - to see the sun rise and set over the ocean in the same day! This is a second marriage for both of us so we are just celebrating 7 years now since we married. The fun part is . . . . we met 40 years ago!!!!! ; ^ )

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