Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Not another sculpture

At last, the chart data I'd been waiting for came in and I was able to get down to work again. With so much time wasted it meant I was faced with long hours and early hours, but it was good to continue with a real bit of design. Meanwhile, the first material began to come in for the quarterly magazine. Still with lots of preparation to face for next week's holiday departure, I quickly decided there was no point trying to juggle both jobs, so contacted my print contact and farmed the work off to him.

Even with all this happening, I still had to take a break in the afternoon to go in to town and do some bank stuff. (The last time I dropped into the bank I was surprised to see that the box for lodgements had been replaced with a machine. It wasn't operational that time, but was today. Despite my reservations, the new system worked faultlessly, so I take it all back.)

I managed to negotiate the crazy one-way system and made my way to the Stephen's Green Centre car park. Not having blipped, I made my way up onto the roof, intending to blip the city skyline. This bit of kit caught my eye, though, and I felt drawn to it because from a distance it looked like a piece of modern sculpture. It isn't. It's actually part of the building structure of this despicably ugly monstrosity.

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