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By SJordan

Niagara Falls.

Hey Blippers! We have wifi in our Niagara Falls hotel, so decided it was time for an iPhone blip. :)

Left John and Berta's early this morning, then got the train to Burlington, and the bus onto Niagara Falls. It was a nice journey down, and I'm happy to be giving John and Berta peace for a few days. They're just so good to us, and willing to take us anywhere we want. They really do go the extra mile! It is however so nice getting to spend some time with all of the family over here. <3

We spent most of Tuesday traveling. Wednesday, we had a relaxing day. Thursday, we went into Toronto, up the CN Tower, shopping in the Eaton Centre, and got tickets for Glee. Friday, we spent the day with my young cousins, went to their track and field, then back to their house. After that John and Berta took us to Swiss Chalet for dinner. Yesterday, we helped out with J & B's garage sale, then went into Toronto for Glee Live, it was amazing! <3 Seeing Blaine (Darren Criss) made my day. I love him.

Once we arrived at Niagara we came to our hotel to check in and leave off our bags, then we took a trip down Clifton Hill, and to the Falls. They are just so beautiful. After that we came back to the hotel for a bit. Going for dinner soon.

Having an amazing time! Blip ya soon.


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