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By SJordan

Glee Live! - Air Canada Centre. :D


Today was so many kinds of awesome! We got up relatively early, to help B&J with their garage sale. They decided to have a sale in order to get rid of some of their unwanted things, as they are putting their house up for sale. We helped out with the sale, making tea and whatnot while the guys were outside being salespeople. However, it started to rain, so the sale ended earlier. Becca and I came in and made lunch for everyone. We had a lovely afternoon with B&J and their friend Yvonne, who is always a lot of fun. The rain continued to get heavier, so we didn't do much for the rest of the afternoon, mainly watching tv and the thunderstorm outside.

We then had a early dinner, then J took us down to Whitby to get the train into Toronto for the show. We were literally bouncing, as HUGE Glee fans, we were extremely excited. :D Once we got to the Arena, we were shocked to find out that our seats were in a private box! We were therefore pretty high up, but the view was amazing nonetheless. The show was simply amazing! There were fantastic live! I was especially excited to have got to see Blaine (Darren Criss, blue shirt and pink trousers). Such an awesome day! :D


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