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Cranebarge Hermod

Yesterday you could see our tow - the cranebarge "Hermod" - as a tiny silhouette on the horizon. In fact, the Hermod is not tiny at all.
After all these years she is still one of the biggest cranebarges in the world. With both cranes engaged in tandem, she can lift 9000 tons.
The Hermod is a s.s.c.v. or semi submersible crane vessel. Semi submersible because she has no single hull, but two floaters. This improves her motion and behaviour in adverse weather and sea conditions considerably, thus stretching her number of working days to a maximum.
These cranebarges are mainly used in the offshore industry, building oil and gas platforms at sea all over the world. With an oil price above 100 us dollar per barrel everybody will understand that 'time is money' and were always in a hurry.

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