2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Office visitor

Today's lunchtime walk was more like a yomp! One of my colleagues has found lots of hour-long walks near work. Today he initiated three of us into one of his routes.....road, river, woodland and then a new housing estate....and back to the office within the hour (just!)

It was quite cloudy so there were not too many insects around. We did come across lots of banded demoiselles in the grass by the river but we were walking so fast I didn't have chance to stalk any or get any photos. When the sun shines, it is apparently a great place for damsels and dragonflies.

Later, when we'd cooled down a bit, this mayfly appeared, floated around the room and settled on our noticeboard. I wonder if it had hitched a lift back with us! It calmly posed for a while and then was happy to walk on to my finger and be released back outside.

Busy day as we're nearing our deadline for the August issue.

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