Manic MorFF's Pics

By manicmorff

Die, Die, Die

We took a trip out to the rainforest in the middle of St Lucia today.

Kind of expecting that we'd see and hear lots about the flora and fauna, which we did. Also expected to see and hear a fair bit from the animal, insect and bird fraternity, which we didn't. They must have known we were coming, because they all hid away.

This is a parasitical tree, forget what the name of it was.
It it finds itself a tree, fires its roots down around it and, whilst growing up and round the outside of the tree, proceeds to strangle the roots.

Over time, the tree dies and rots away, and the parasite tree fills in the gap in the middle with its own self. Depending on the type o tree, it can take up to 150 years for the process to complete.

Not entirely sure why it doesn't spend its energy just growing itself, but hey, it makes for an interesting story. :)

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