Manic MorFF's Pics

By manicmorff


We took a trip to Pigeon Island today a nice wee drive through some lovely scenery.

Things to see here included the old lookout post from way back when the Brits ran the island. According to our various guides, St Lucia has been run by the French and the Brits seven times each before they gained independence from Britain in 1979.

This post was the first thing built by the occupiers because it looked out onto the bay. This allowed them to see any incoming ships, and attach them with cannon fire.

The post has a high outlook and separate areas for holding gunpowder, keeping it dry and cool, and ammunition. They made cement by crushing shells and coral and mixing it with sand and eggs (yes, eggs).

Here is the modern day version of repelling invaders as we have a go at shelling a tanker.

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