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By lozarithm

Appaloosa Lucy

Yet another return to Lacock in the hope of seeing a kingfisher or photographing a heron, or even a swan - yet again my rays of hope were cruelly dashed. I did see the unidentified duck again, and got a better shot, including its two ducklings. It is thought to be probably either an escaped mottled duck or Meller's duck, though it could just be an oddly marked mallard.

The cattle were sitting down in the middle of the field, but this time there were a number of horses by the Avon. A passing dog walker stopped to chat as I was making friends with a beautiful white horse and told me they belonged to the riding school just up the road. She also pointed out an Appaloosa pony that was approaching as we spoke. It seems to have been a week for them. You can see a section of Lacock Abbey in the background.

I had an idea there was a Grateful Dead song called Appaloosa Lucy, but I appear to have invented it as Google does not to know the phrase...

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #450
Blip #448
Consecutive Blip #445

Unidentified Duck And Ducklings
Two White Horses
Friendly Horse
Can I Interest You In A New Bank Account?

Lozarhythm Of The Day:-
Grateful Dead - Loose Lucy (recorded 30 March-19 April 1974, Columbia Studios, San Francisco CA)
Thanks to the Spotlight Kid for identifying the song I was thinking of. This was the B-side of US Blues, also on From The Mars Hotel.

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