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By sgwarnog

Cup and Ring

Considering the moor is dotted with scores of Bronze Age cup-marked rocks, it's taken me a while to put one on Blipfoto.

Most of the Baildon Moor rock art is on Low Plain, but this is a bit of an outlier, sitting in the middle of a path at the top of Eaves Crag, just over the road from the reservoirs. It's rock number 50 of 54 in the the Baildon Moor section of the 1986 book of "The Carved Rocks on Rombalds Moor" (ed. John Hedges), and one of the easiest to find. It's a scheduled ancient monument.

This has a touch of midsummer earth magic to it, but I'm a couple of days early for that. Shooting into the sun has produced a flare, but it brings out the 'peck marks' in the horseshoe groove around the cup.

I'm sure I'll bring you more of the moor's rock art as this blog develops.

bronze age ~ rock art ~ cup ~ and ring ~ four thousand years ~ of sunsets

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