Fings wot I see

By dominic

Ruby Riding Hood 1

Once upon a time in the magical Kingdom of Fyfe there lived a pretty young girl called Ruby riding hood.
Ruby was very pretty and sweet and everybody in the village loved her.
One night she decided to visit her Bamummy and bring her some cake she had baked specially. It was late and Bamummy lived on the other side of the forest but Ruby was very brave and, unlike many of the other village girls, did not scare easily so the forest didn't worry her at all.
She fastened her red cloak around her shoulders and set off.

I've probably spent more time on this than any other project. I've been prepping this for a couple of weeks, dressed my set, did all my light tests and performed all my post production on test shots with all presets and artwork saved so I could put these straight up. I'm going to do one of these every day this week, hope you like them :)

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