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By dianafieldphoto

171 / 365 - Photoshop Actions

I discovered and learnt about photoshop actions today... I honestly don't what I have done without it! What an amazing time saver!

This was taken with my OM 50mm f1.8 and edited with an action I downloaded from deviant art for wedding photography. I then played around with curves for a bit after to add my own touch but I am so glad I've discovered it - wow!

Got that Sunday feeling today... no college, no shoots, no exams, no work to go to today... nice to relax though and spend a day sorting out admin and editing.

I now officially have the ability to sell my images online in my event galleries woo! Makes life so much easier for clients now! I found the feature in one of the album designs as I'm subscribed to Jalbum and I'm so pleased with it.

Really need to update my website again soon with new images and now I offer performance photography too so need to get that on there somewhere.

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