A Blip on the Reidar

By reidar

I gotta say...

...today has been a good day. And its only gone past four in the afternoon too!

Up and out early today, walk into town and in Clarks for opening. Reidar Jnr needed measuring up as he was starting to fill his shoes and the kids section of Clarks is always busy at the weekend (and every other time), For some reason Jnr has an extreme dislike to having his feet measured and screamed the place down and tears where flowing. New shoes where bought though and after leaving he calmed down quickly.

To celebrate we went to Costa for drinks and cake and Jnr charmed the punters with his great behaviour and his excessive waving and shouts of 'bye bye' when we left. Down to the Public Park for Jnr to try his new shoes. Back to the Band Stand again for this shot. Ran about everywhere and then off to the swings for more fun. Back home, lunch and nap time (nearly for me too).

If the rest of the day is a non-event then I don't care :)

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