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Flying Reflection

I think my neck / throat has been swelling up a bit today. I still have the lingerings of my illness of last week. On Friday I sneezed and it hurt my neck. This morning I sneezed and it hurt my neck and throat.

I had just eaten some nuts and so was initially concerned that I was possibly cultivating and alergy. I was not too concerned about getting ill but more concerned with not being able to eat peanut butter again.

In reality I had no allergy and just have a sore throat but I was bored and so was letting my imagination get away from me. I spent the way home playing around with number two camera. I was playing with shutter speeds but then the train direction moved and meant the sun was coming at me causing too many reflections on the glass for the shot I was hoping for. So I decided to see what I could do with the reflection and got this lucky shot almost by accident.

In Toddler news she has now become very attached to the Greg "The Hammer" Valentine wrestling figure and tonight, yet again, demanded it at bed to cuddle up to. Although it did take me a while to understand her request of "I need the man in just his pants".

Back blipped for yesterday!

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