All that is beautiful

By sharob

Here we go ...

Had a phone call this afternoon, the couple who viewed our house last weekend have successfully applied to rent our house. That's good huh ... They want to move in on the 17th July. We don't like half months so we've said that we'll vacate on the weekend of the 2nd. Next weekend then!!! I have 10 days (count 3 out as I'm at work for 2 of them and got my friends children this Saturday for the day!) so .. 7 days which could be less if the landlord isn't happy with us keeping tenancy 2 days past end of contract! So, my friend gave me boxes from her house move, Storms bedroom is empty except for her cot, wardrobe and 1 basket of toys. Claras room is nearly looking the same.

Our new house won't be ready until end of July so we're going to live at my Mums. I'm very anxious about this move ... But I HAVE to see positives ... Minimal bills, free babysitting so Mr G and I can go out together on our own, more money towards the wedding .. No worries about the deposit at all. Even closer to work and nursery ... Much less house to clean. But, living at my Mums. It's very lovely of her to agree to have us though. I should be thankful.

Anyway! Must get packing!!

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