Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Winged iris

Appreciating the quiet day today (row, chores, some studio time with Sat at the Opera on CBC radio, which I always like-- today was Donizetti's Lucia --and I made a little Eagle book..) getting ready for our whole Seattle family here in different combinations for the next 11 days...we?ll all be together for the 4th of July. :-) Son #2 and his family arrive tonight late - before it?s dark, if the ferry is on time.... H is trying now to fix the golf cart which is broken....
We?ll have great fun, but no more lazy mornings with coffee in bed with my book ...there will be 2 small boys demanding pancakes, which Nanna is very happy to make!

This Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly was hanging about the iris for awhile saying ?blip me!? What amazing patterns mother nature creates!! These small iris plants are 4-5 feet tall! I tried to get the yellow ones by the pond,, also really tall (could it be they are all searching for the illusive sun?) but liked this better.

Think we need a sauna now before everyone rolls in ....

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