A Pic is Worth a 1000 Words.

By AgrawalKrish


for 'Guitar': Most of Saturday was spent making fingers sore. I have faith, all the frustation I'm having not to be able to BARRE will soon disappear. I WON'T GIVE UP THIS TIME.

for 'God': One of my very good friends wanted to discuss on this topic. I don't usually discuss this with many coz my belief is not inline with Majority & almost all the time I end up breaking others heart. But despite all my efforts not to trigger this topic, he was very firm, so we planned thought sharing session, It went on for almost 2 hours. Details will follow in his blip tomorrow.

for 'Good Music': Whenever fingers were not pressing 6 strings Bibi Sanam - Coke Studio was being played VERY LOUD {Don't bother to understand meaning of 'Persian' words, just enjoy the Music}.

is not for 'joG': but would still mark today's personal achievement @ Memorial park this evening. 3 rounds of fitness trail in 33:06 Mins. So far have been taking only 2 rounds in 21 Mins. Target is to finish 3 rounds in 30:00 Mins soon. Never jogged so long before in a single stretch on trail (jogging on Treadmill is totally different because machine helps a lot moving you ahead).

Hope you are having wonderful Weekend.

* Straight out of Black Box.

* The Red "SNARK" is my Chromatic Guitar Tuner.

** It was real challenge to hold & click using 1.640kg heavy instrument in one hand and picking the Guitar string with other hand. Tried my best to keep hand steady.

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