A Pic is Worth a 1000 Words.

By AgrawalKrish

Prescott's B'Day



Originally clicked during Fall 2007 @ Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Las Vegas, NV. [R to L] , PRESCOTT, NIS**, "Elvis", RIC** & I

I had totally forgotten about this pic and it was lying inside cup-board back there in India for years. Discovered it last month when I was in India. Thought it will make a memorable blip and would also save soft-copy of this.

One of our friends NAV*** is missing in this Pic. While we were giving poses & smiling for this pic, he was actually in very big trouble of his lifetime.

It started here: We landed in Vegas last night & roamed around city (of Lights / Sin). for couple of hours. Everyone got tired and needed sleep. PRE***** & RIC** were two to be dropped @ Motel and later NIS** gave up saying he needs sleep too and can't roam anymore in the night. I & NAV*** headed to find a Best Buy store, I won't go into that night's detail coz if you are interested you can surely find in Travelogue below..... Ultimately we both didn't sleep even for a min & were chasing Vegas lights all night. In the evening everyone after getting recharged got ready for Vegas visit. Parked the car @ Bally's and started walking. NAV*** dropped out saying he must sleep and would stay in the car; After couple of hours of sleep he'll call & join us. So we four started our walk and reached here @ Madame Tussauds. Back there inside the car, NAV*** felt suffocated and OPENED THE CAR door from inside.. THAT'S IT... He couldn't get anymore sleep after that ;)

After getting tired when we reached back to the parking lot Mr. NAV*** was standing outside the car All Messed-UP :)

What happend buddy ?

Arrey yaar, After you people left this car caused lot of trouble man.

What went wrong ?

I was feeling suffocated and after some time opened the door to get fresh air and Car alarm went OFF. I didn't know how to shut that off (KEY of the CAR was with KRISH). On top of it the security guard and other folks in the parking lot were getting mad @ me, Because of this closed parking, the noise was so unbearable I couldn't stand near to the car but couldn't leave the place too. It was so noisy, What security guard was trying to tell me that also I didn't understand properly. I was just so damn embarrassed.

Finally how did it shut off then ?

The Guard did it (donno how).


It went wrong at the beginning itself. Before we all started for our tour, NAV*** dozed inside the car; I LOCKED the door using REMOTE & LEFT the place. When he woke up later, he opened the car from inside, "Security Device" installed in the car assumed someone is trying to break the car and WENT OFF :)

NAV*** got so scared that he dropped the idea of getting any more sleep. SO ultimately neither he could sleep nor could get clicked with us here :(

WHY DIDN"T you call us ?

I Did, but no one picked up, damn.

OOPS.. sorry man it's Vegas, everywhere so loud music is going on we didn't even realize.

* This piece was missing in my "Travelogue", Good that I found the pic and still remember whole incident. "What's the secret of such Sharp Memory" .. thats another SECRET ;)

For interested folks Travelogue Here..

"We all met each other for the first time here in Vegas & Became very good friends forever".

* Why did I click this today only: It's Prescott's B'Day thought I'll publish this and wish her Happy B'Day. "Happy B'Day Prescott".

--Krish, NIS**, RIC** & NAV***

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