Graphically Perky

By gperky

You Make Me Feel Like I'm Living A Teenage Dream

Today was a really great day. We went to the Science Museum for "a day of art, history, science & family fun" and to surprise people there with a flash mob!

It was really really awesome to be in, and everyone loved it. Something we can all cross off our bucket list.

We also went to the river and got in with the dog. That was fun, too! I finished my 12th book of the year (well, really of the summer) as well.

I also heard from an old friend today, which was nice, surprising and strange all at once. I really miss him so it's good to hear from him, but I don't really understand why we're talking again all of a sudden.. It makes me kind of nervous. But if he keeps wanting to talk, I'll keep answering. Because I'm too nice, and I miss having him around.

The flash mob has tremendous symbolic meaning to me because it also helps to coalesce the most human emotions, it is a hope to the buried solidarity of the people.
The flash mob is not an army of death, but of love. It is solidarity through good rather than pain.
- Delphine Lamotte

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