Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

This evening's Spanish Omlette

We have a surplus of eggs in the house, so I'm doing a Spanish Omelette for tea tonight, can't wait. Roz decided to try the colourful eggs from the supermarket for a change too. I'll report back if I notice any difference between those and standard free-range organic eggs.

We headed into the pictures last night. I'd been wanting to see Pan's Labyrinth for quite some time, so we headed off to the Cameo which vies with the Dominion for the position of best cinema in Edinburgh. They are both comfier than any of the multiplexes and have all the little additions that make it feel more like a night at the pictures, even small touches like a curtain sliding back before the film starts.

There was some confusion over times due to the way they were printed in the Metro. We arrived for a half ten showing when it was actually half eleven it started so we had some coffee and munchies in the Cameo bar before the film. The film itself was great, definitely a fairy tale, but most certainly not one for kids. The contrast between the fairy tale moments and the violence of the tail end of the Spanish civil war, when combined with the well thought out story, really made it. It's not often a film truly lives up to consistent five star reviews but this did.

It cheered me up no end too as we had rented the Black Dahlia the night before which did not live up to my expectations. It was decent enough, but the story was a bit meandering.

The worrying thing is we spurned the chance to go to Optimo to go to the pictures, we must be getting old.

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