The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Lower Glebe Farm

I retraced my steps of last Friday this afternoon, partly because I thought the warm, muggy weather would afford different opportunities, and partly in the hope that I might track down a missing lens cap, itself a replacement for one that disappeared not so long ago at home. At Fishers Brook the jacob sheep were all hiding from the heat inside a hedge, so that at first the field seemed empty. The field at Lower Whitley Farm actually was empty - all the cows had gone. I didn't find the lens cap.

I turned off on the road up to Bremhill and as I approached the village I saw a gateway leading to a farmyard, and two calves were munching hay from a cowshed. I investigated and had a wander round, peering into the cowshed for this shot.

I also found a farm cat sunbathing on a corrugated roof. The cat let me get a couple of close-ups whilst scowling at me from behind a mass of fluffy long hair before scuffling off along the roof in a huff. It was still in view if I walked along a little and was rather fetchingly framed by some foreground nettles.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #459
Blip #457
Consecutive Blip #454

Farm Cat Sunbathing
Farm Cat Cruelly Disturbed

1 year ago: Hazeland Mill

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