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Conigre Mead

The heatwave reached Wiltshire today but seemed to bring out the worst in everyone, particularly drivers. I called in at Reybridge and Lacock without finding anything to photograph, and ended up at Melksham to take a walk along the Avon, starting near the town bridge alongside Sainsbury's, currently going through a massive expansion by the look of the building work currently going on there alongside the riverside walk. There were a few mallard on the river, but no swans. This is a marked contrast to last year and the same story as at Reybridge and Lacock a little further north.

Slightly further along is the nature reserve Conigre Mead, managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. I walked down to Challymead Bridge over which the Western Way transports people out of the town towards Trowbridge, and across to the cemetery, back past St Michael's and across a pond, beside which were growing these large buttercups. Thanks to the Spotlight Kid for pointing me in the direction of spearwort. This picture doesn't show the scale, but given its size I now think it is greater spearwort (Ranunculus lingua).

Not so much on the Glastonbury coverage today that appealed to me today, that I've seen anyway, but I was, as always, highly impressed by Laura Marling, and also James Blake. Kool is cool and the gang, as they say. That Beyonce's quite pretty, but rather exhausting to watch. She did quite a nice version of At Last, though. It goes without saying that nothing ever beats Duane Eddy doing Peter Gunn.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

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River Avon

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