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By creativelenna

walk in the water

We have not gone to De Soto memorial to walk for a while because it has just been too hot -around 90 degrees most days. But today was overcast and it even rained again in the afternoon, wow. Steven was called in by his former company to install a server (computer) at an office branch in Tampa, so he was away early this morning and I needed a break from my swap document writing! So off I went to the park with the girls.

We were there for about 40 minutes and I took about 70 photos. There were sea grapes and tiny mangrove tree flowers scattered on a walkway and bench. I took about 15 photos of a great blue heron, high on a dead branch above the water. I got a great macro shot of two bugs on a flower head and lots more in the mangrove forest, but this photo of Asia walking in the water did it for me. Viewing large is nice. I knew Asia would go swimming when we got to the part of the walk that runs along the beach . . . . and yes! She waded out, sunk in, relaxed and swam a bit. She loves that so much. It was lovely for all of us to go there again.

This marks 199 photos here for me since December 4, how can that be? I don't have anything special planned for tomorrow's blip but we'll see. My sister and her family arrive in the morning and Steven and I will go get them at the airport! : ^) lenna

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