By earthdreamer

Pancake Stone

Once again, this should properly be appreciated viewed large

This was taken early this morning before work when the day started with the same implacable quality to the light as the previous evening. The clarity in the air demanded a landscape shot and I took quite a few. This one taken from beside the Pancake Stone (a large flat stone which is stable but looks very precariously perched on a base of smaller rocks when viewed from the road), looking down over the Cow and Calf Hotel, was my favourite. You can see Round Hill on the skyline, and for the really eagle-eyed (if you view large) you can just about make out the summit rocks of Simon's Seat towards the left edge of the shot.

I had Alfonso and his wife Maria over for dinner tonight. Alfonso has worked with me for over four years and I will miss his presence around the office dearly. He has helped keep me sane for a good while now, always knowing when I needed a break and ordering me to go for a walk or a run. He's become kind of irreplaceable. Before eating we took a stroll up to White Wells. Click here to see a picture I took of this lovely couple. I still don't understand why they would prefer Valencia to Bradford when you have scenery like this to enjoy!


At the beginning of last month I did a little review of the previous month's blips. As a mathematician I find it hard to resist looking at the numbers and wanting to produce stats. But apart from that I think it will also be useful - as I intend to hang around here a while yet - to summarise the highlights of month. I suspect it will become easy to forget as the months pass by.

Mind you, June of 2011 will be a month I think I will always remember with great fondness. I've found my feet here, acquired quite a few followers, and look forward every day to the challenge of capturing an interesting, entertaining or just plain beautiful image to put up as my blip. I'm proud to call myself a blipper! I'm also rather proud of my blips through June. There was not a single day when I was not happy with the image I posted. I've felt like I've been on something of a roll all month. I would never, in my wildest dreams, have expected to hit the spotlight page no less than six times. It was my ambition to achieve that just once before the end of the year! I thank all of you who have given me such positive feedback. As very much a learning photographer it means one hell of a lot to me.

So the results are in:

Highest rated: Jewels in the Gutter (144)

Most viewed: Disorientation (448)

Personal favourite: Bottomless

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