When is a stick not a stick?

When it's a spurtel!

I really ain't got a clue if I've spelt that right but I am very dubious of this kitchen utensil.

My doubt is centered around the oddness of the word and the seemingly silliness of the tool.

Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Does everyone know what a spurtel is used for? A spurtel is a kitchen utensil used to stir specifically, porridge.

Now who was it that decided, "Hmmm, this wooden spoon just ain't doing the job, I'm gonna take the spoon off it and call it a spurtel..."

The oddness of the word makes me suspect that this is a newish (in terms of scottish history) invention by some sort of tourist tat type company. The type that produces those tartan clad dolls you can buy in shops along the Royal Mile.


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