By Jamjar


A rather weird still life going on here but it caught my eye this morning and will have to do.

Decided to make a quiche as friends are coming later and my pastry is usually fool proof. As we had to come to the village house anyway I'm making and cooking the quiche here so as not to make the Mas too hot with the oven... which is hardly used in the summer months because of that reason... but my pastry hasn't behaved itself at all. After adding a bit more flour and rolling it out again, which was no better, I decided that the weather was probably too hot for pastry - even though the worktops are marble - and just shoved it in the dish and the oven anyway. I expect it'll be ok. (Steve made the mistake of telling me to calm down... which is guaranteed to have the opposite effect. My mother always used to tell me I was contrary.)

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