By tourist

Shiney Happy Birdies

What a nice day today has been for taking photographs! I managed to go and take quite a few photographs both for Blipfoto and my college work. A friend of mine has also asked me to take a few photographs for her with the intention of having them printed and placed on her living room wall.

So, armed with 3 cameras and my tri-pod i thought i'd take advantage of the good weather and drive around Edinburgh starting off at Arthurs Seat (where this photo was taken). It is still a really nice clear day right now, so i might still take advantage of this weather yet and take some more photographs.

Regarding this photograph, i took this from sitting in my car in the drivers seat taking the shot out of my passenger seat window. I figured this would be the only way i could get a shot of these birds so close without scaring them. They seemed to hang around for quite a while allowing me to take a number of shots with different angles and backdrop (more grass or more water etc etc).

I quite like the direction of the sunlight in this, it is like they are looking at something really bright going by the almost burned out light on the front of the birds. Beautiful day.

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