Circle of the Seasons

By GCleare

The Ironstone Pitcher

My cousin Lynda died of breast cancer a few months ago. You may remember the blips from Arizona, where we went for her memorial service.

She and I were very close as children, though we had lost touch over the years because of living in different parts of the country. Luckily for both of us, we got together again last summer up in Maine for a family reunion and our old friendship was joyfully revived. We planned a visit in the fall that kept getting postponed because of her work. She was very certain that the treatment was going to be successful, but then things went downhill fast.

I was booking the flight to go to her when I got the news it was too late.

Lynda's sister, niece and friends have gone through her house now and emptied it to be sold. They shipped me her collection of antique ironstone, most of it blue plates and platters but also this adorable little red pitcher.

I will think of her every time I see it.

It's almost like she is here with me now.

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