Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

The Bird's Baking

Well, what a day! It's taken me until mid-afternoon Monday to get to Saturday's blip, so much has happened in the last few days. And now I'm going to attempt to fill you in on what HAS happened, without simply saying "yum" all the time and licking my lips!!!

We got up a little earlier than usual for a Saturday morning and had the usual pancake breakfast. Then we packed overnight bags, loaded up the car and set off in a south-westerly direction, having left sufficient cat and rat food and water so that the 7 furry residents of the house would be fine for a night.

First stop was the Wonderspouse's parents' house in Devon. There we dined on cold beef, potato salad, green salad, and a pudding with a very neat geometrical top! After lunch we repaired to the sitting room where I opened my birthday presents from them - a LOT of birthday presents, and very very fine ones indeed. I shall not say more about them now because there may be birthday present blips coming up soon! The actual day of my birthday is next Sunday (I'm exactly 100 years younger than Proust), but I tend to spread my celebrations over a week or so - easier than trying to do it all in one day!

After loading up the car some more, we departed Devon, and instead of heading back home, we continued in a south-westerly direction. The M5 ran out, and we continued along A roads before ringing the wonderful Selena and telling her we were nearly there!

It was FABULOUS to see Sel and her awesome hubby (known as Lord G) again - it really had been MUCH too long, and it was great for them to meet the Wonderspouse at last too. Our room was beautifully prepared, the house is FANTASTIC (and has an awesome TV with satellite and speakers and everything), and we were made to feel so welcome and relaxed.

Supper was a giant lasagne, dough balls, and salad, and was followed by CUPCAKES! Sel produced this amazing stand of them - all her own work, all made entirely by hand. And I can testify, they DO taste as good as they look. She'd even made a special one for me in honour of my birthday, complete with a candle! The Baking Bird really does bake well - I shall not divulge details of the different flavours of cupcakes though - you'll have to follow her on twitter or facebook since the flavours are being revealed day by day and we were lucky enough to get a sneak pretaste of some of them!

We ate cupcakes until we were stuffed, chatted into the evening, the Wonderspouse went to bed, we continued chatting and drinking wine and watching the Good Food channel on the TV (including a man who ate a whole sinkful of icecream), and eventually headed bedwards!

A seriously good food day indeed! I went to sleep dreaming of cupcakes!

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