Waiting for Jonny

By yearofhappy

Busy Fighting Foos

Back blip

Was far too busy partying hard this weekend

Was I attending the best gig of my entire life?

Was it a glorious hot day?

Was I in good company?

Was there a stunning sunset?

Was the combination of Dave Grohl and clouds the best sight ever?

Did The Foo Fighters rock the sky off Milton Keynes Bowl last night?

Amazing!! I am still buzzing

NOt my best photo but there was no way I could have had any other blip for yesterday.

No where near the front but it didn't stop it being completely and utterly amazing.

Finished a wonderful weekend off by staying at a friends last night where we befriended some Polish vodka.

I knew Rock Chick Rachel was still there somewhere, I just needed to know where to look!!

I am way way behind with comments. Sorry. I will have to catch up with journals later in the week

I haven't even taken todays blip yet.

Long live the Foos..... Everlong

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