A time for everything

By turnx3

Horse and foal

Today was a beautiful day - last evenings storms certainly helped lower the temperature and humidity. We went biking (on our tandem) on the Pumpkinvine trail this morning. Eventually, when complete, the trail will be about 26 miles in length, but at the moment the longest stretch is about 6 miles, with a couple more sections due to open later this year. So we rode the completed section, and then continued along the quiet county roads for a little way. We passed a couple of Amish homes where services were obviously being held, judging from the great number of buggies outside. The Amish don't worship in churches - they worship every other Sunday in their own homes, rotating between the different families. The service will start around 8am and last over 3 hours! Seating is on backless benches, which each district owns and transports from house to house in a bench wagon. After the service the people will share together in a meal and fellowship and generally return home mid to late afternoon. You naturally see a lot of horses driving or cycling around Amish country, and I couldn't resist this mother and foal. In the evening we were blessed by a glorious sunset, which we could easily have missed as our camper wasnt facing in that direction and was screened by trees, but  fortunately I happened to go to the bathrooms at just the right time, and so rushed back to get my camera!

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