LocalBoy & His Fotographs

By stevenbirrell

Angry Little Faces

My garden is for having afternoon naps, playing with Robyn or having a BBQ. I cut the grass but apart from that, don't have much interest in the plants, trees or flowers that get planted if I'm honest.

Day off today and when the sun came out for 5 minutes, I sat outside and dozed off. When I woke up, I was staring at these pansies and then went to grab my camera.

Lee came out the back door as I was snapping away and asked me if I was doing it because the flowers looked like little faces...and she was right, I was. When I woke up and looked across at them, it looked like an army of little angry faces staring back at me. Lee doesn't think they look angry, but that just proves that even when we agree about something, it doesn't last for too long!

ps - I think they are pansies!

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