Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Avoch (pronounced "Och"), on the Black Isle, with threatening looking clouds overhead.

Well I finally dared to take a DSLR out on the water, albeit an old secondhand one, with a cheapish lens. As you can see, the conditions weren't the most challenging. Though salt water still seems to get on to everything. Thankfully it doesn't appear to have worked its way inside.

More rain today, and lots of threatening looking clouds, but nothing like yesterday's downpours. That wee golf event went ahead today. It was a couple of miles behind me on the South side of the Moray Firth. I kept well clear - not wanting to become one of the items of interest they throw in to the event coverage. Though I met another sea kayaker, who was heading by the course on his way home.

No sign of the Dolphins today. I did see a few Common Seals, one of which was a fairly small pup that occasionally looked like it was hanging on to the back of its mother. An Osprey circled overhead for a short while. Not many seabirds on the move yet. A few waders about, including a couple of Whimbrel (similar to a Curlew, but slightly smaller).

Trying to build up some kayaking fitness, for some potential trips. So today was easily my longest paddle of the year, at just over 18 miles. No doubt there will be all manner of aches and pains to follow over the next couple of days.

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