Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Touristy shot today of Inverness Castle, taken from a less frequently used viewpoint. Well I am officially on holiday. You can explore the outside of the building, but the inside is used as the local Sheriff Court House.

The original intention was to go in to work and do some electrical safety tests for a colleague. He's based in another building, and I had to take the car to shift the test gear, tools etc. Sods Law dictated that he didn't make it in, so a wasted journey in some respects. I did take advantage of having the car, and disposed of some more garden boulders at the dump, and then did a large item shop - for those things that are too bulky/heavy/or just awkward to take on the bicycle.

Took a wander about the some parts of the town (city if you must) that I used to frequent many years ago. Much more relaxing pace than the usual lunchtime dash to the shops, and then back to work. Loads of tourists about. Many came prepared with their golf umbrellas. Though the rain gave us a break today... well, it has so far.

First Buddleia (in the foreground) I've seen in flower this year. Alas, no sign of any butterflies yet.

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